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  • Ext_medium_79631

    Kashiwagi RenUSD250/an image
    privateI'm Kashiwagi Ren, a illustrator and a designer. I mainly take offers of illustrations, animations, character design. My profession is drawing illustrations of cute Moe-style girls, pop deformed characters (Short characters). I can draw wide variety of illustration style, such as shiny CG, watercolor and oil painting like picture books. I can deliver in vector format such as swf, ai... I will accept no matter men's...

  • Ext_medium_07212

    MorishigeUSD125/an image
    FemaleThank you for checking my profile... Motto of "And clients which enjoy and satisfy, To works of provide myself" is my job. Mainly I use SAI to draw illustrations. I draw all my work on PC. I can draw from deformed characters to many heads tall characters. If you are looking to something different from anime-like painting, please feel free to contact me. * The fee is your in negotiable on situation. Please ask me for ...

Past Projects

  • Small_________

    Illustrations used in personal blogs and twitterUS$JPY5,000 (Tax Included)
    Artist:Masaki NEMU-Purpose of creating illustrations: Blog header design, please, opened. Momoiro clover Z Chiyo apricot fruit's model. And please in easy-to-write 2 or 3 body anime (ladies). -Is the image brush an...

  • Small______1000_1000____

    Situations CD jacket pictureUS$Private
    Artist:A toplist-Purpose of creating illustrations: female-friendly sitcom CD called Voice works, and produced at the personal jacket picture (one painting) required for the Book of an illustration I saw and though...

  • Small________

    「小説家になろう」広告ページのメインイラスト US$JPY21,600 (Tax Included)
    Client:Advertising & Marketing
    Artist:稲芽●イラストを作成する目的: 出版社様が、小説の原稿募集を開催されます。  今回はその原稿募集告知ページに使用するイラストをお願いしたく存じます。 ●納品ファイルの仕様:  ファイル形式:psd  サイズ・仕様:解像度300以上、横1000px程度  点数:万年筆を持った女の子のメインイラスト1点 (背景なしの立ち絵)※9月掲載ですので、その時期らしい服装でお願いいたします。 ...

  • Small_fdorder_pandawedding_rgb

    Illustration for wedding t-shirtsUS$JPY10,000 (Tax Included)
    Artist:RAINE-Purpose of creating illustrations: is at my friend's wedding a gift t-shirt (Rock T wind) for cat bride and groom design you want.  ● delivery file specifications:  File format: TIFF or JPEG  Size...

  • Small_rgb

    A pain locker products eliminate pain in 5 secondsUS$JPY12,960 (Tax Included)
    Client:Company Misumi Serra(Construction)
    Artist:Sakura Hana-Purpose of cartoon art: Eliminates fast-acting pain people with products to sale our product ( a pain locker ). Whether family-friendly people in need with people doing sport etc pain a number 10 mil...

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