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  • Ext_medium_79631

    Kashiwagi RenUSD250/an image
    privateI'm Kashiwagi Ren, a illustrator and a designer. I mainly take offers of illustrations, animations, character design. My profession is drawing illustrations of cute Moe-style girls, pop deformed characters (Short characters). I can draw wide variety of illustration style, such as shiny CG, watercolor and oil painting like picture books. I can deliver in vector format such as swf, ai... I will accept no matter men's...

Past Projects

  • Small______sample_

    Personal appreciation for illustrationsUS$Private
    Artist:Fuji or hinokishin First name let alone the taka. Thank you for this time a proposal of estimate. Like a Fuji or hinokishin, I want to ask for illustrations. Believe in around 3 weeks delivery time is adjusta...

  • Small_k

    新たな刀剣御守のデザインUS$JPY27,000 (Tax Included)
    Artist:季鳴●イラストを作成する目的/概要: 以前に依頼させていただき大変好評のため、もし可能であれば新たなイラストをお願いしたいと思いご連絡させていただきました。 デザインの内容については、以下の通りです。 岩融、無病息災、今剣と対を成すようなデザイン (など、計11点のご指定をいただきました) ●納品ファイルの仕様:  ファイル形式:jpeg  サイズ・仕様:86mm×54mm+...

  • Small____ver

    Illustration of a charlady part-time job oneUS$Private
    Client:Cloud storage co., Ltd.(Recruitment)
    Artist:Fanboy yamabuki-To create the illustration purpose / summary: (detailed) Part-time job delivering home video has now created. To create illustrations of a piece we just come, the performer Towards PC webcams that ...

  • Small____

    Character illustrationUS$JPY16 (Tax Included)
    Artist:Aizawa Chihiro-Aim / icon to create illustrations, illustrations, etc  -Output file specification:  File format: jpeg  Size and specifications: 600 x 2 Number of points: 1 -Article can be paid: and -Other ...

  • Small______

    Novel illustrations (black and white)US$Private
    Client:Personal(Other Occupation)
    Artist:T. Ayabe evening.-To create the illustration purpose / description: want to thank drew comic illustrations, 10 points are. File format is of 2 types which awarding you for convenience, fine.  -Output file specificat...

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